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National has the highest ranking from our customers of any rental car company in Miami airport. Our customers say that National rent a car is excellent in Miami airport. They rank all aspects of car rental from National very highly, with a particular outstanding aspect being the drop off procedure, which scores an unbelievable 9.8/10. The average waiting time is reportedly 15 minutes.

We use feedback from our customer reviews to provide you with the most up to date information about each and every brand operating out of Miami airport. That way you can make up your mind about the very best car rental brand in Miami airport for you.

Over 2000 customers have left reviews for us based on their experience with National in Miami airport. They tell us that National is great value for money and that they provide clean cars. The customers also seem very satisfied with the pick up and drop off processes. They tell us that the waiting time is also good for such a big airport, that they had an average wait of only 16 minutes.

If you also want to have a positive National car rental Miami airport experience, then do a search and get your National rental car right here.

National Rating for Miami Airport

National Miami Airport Rating
Average 9.0 /10

Overall value for money

8.8 /10

Cleanliness of the car

8.1 /10

Service at the rental desk

9.0 /10

Car hire pick-up process

9.2 /10

Car hire drop-off process

9.8 /10


Based on over 2,000 customer reviews

Average waiting time is 14 min

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FAQ - National car rental Miami Airport

How much does it cost to rent a car from National in Miami Airport?

The average cost (throughout the year) for a rental car from National in Miami Airport is $42 per day. At peak holiday times, this price can increase, but there are also cheaper offers and deals to be found online, so do a search and see what great deal we can get for you.

Where is National Car Rental in Miami Airport?

National in Miami Airport is located in the Rental Car Centre. To get to the National desk:

  • follow the purple signs in the airport for the MIA Mover, these will bring you to level 3.
  • then take the moving walkways to the MIA MOVER station board the MIA Mover to the Rental Car Centre.
  • National is located on the fourth level, the desk is on the left hand side.

Does National offer Petrol and Diesel cars in Miami Airport?

Yes, they have both petrol and diesel cars available. The majority of the cars on offer are petrol cars, but they do also have diesel options available

Do National cars in Miami airport come with air conditioning?

All National cars come with air conditioning as standard, which is great for the Miami climate!

Which documents are needed to pick up a rental car?

To book your rental car, you only need a debit or credit card.

When you get to the rental counter, you will need:

  • Your passport
  • Your car rental voucher
  • A current driver's licence (for each driver)
  • The main driver's credit card

Always check the terms and conditions to see if the car rental company requires any extra form of ID.

Does National restrict mileage on cars from Miami Airport?

All National cars from Miami airport come with unlimited mileage as standard. We have not come across any restrictions to date, however, always check your terms and conditions before you book to be sure.

Car rental from National Miami Airport with Free Cancellation?

Most car rental comparison websites  provide free amendments and cancellations usually up to 48 hours before the pick up time for all customers. If you have made a last minute booking (less than 48 hours before pick up), then please read the terms and conditions.

What fuel policy does National rent a car have in Miami Airport?

Rental cars from National in Miami airport come with a full to full fuel policy. This means that when you pick your car up, it will be full and you need to return it full at drop off. If you do not return it full, you could be subject to a fine and the cost of refuelling the car. Fuel charged by the car rental company is often more expensive that you fuelling yourself at a Gas Station.

Does my rental car from National Miami Airport come with insurance?

Most cars rented to U.S citizens do not come with insurance as standard. If you do not have insurance yourself from your credit card or private car insurance then you will need to buy insurance for your rental car. This insurance can be added on in the form of Rental Car Protection Damage. You can buy it as part of your booking on

Does National have a car rental desk in Miami Airport (MIA)?

National car rental Miami airport is located on the 4th floor of the Rental Car Centre in airport.

Does National allow additional drivers in Miami Airport?

Yes, additional drivers are allowed. Renter’s spouse or domestic partner who meet the same age and driver’s license requirements of the renter are authorized drivers at no additional charge. Any additional authorized drivers must appear at time of rental and meet age and driver’s license requirements. An additional charge of $10 per day for each additional authorized driver will be added to the cost of the rental unless other contractual conditions apply.

Does National accept debit cards in Miami Airport?

Yes and no! You can book your rental car from National in Miami airport and make a payment with your debit card. However, to pick up your car, you will be required to have a credit card in the name of the main driver. This is used to hold the refundable security deposit. If you want a reduced or no deposit rental car from National, then you will need to take out full insurance from National directly at the rental desk when you go to pick up your car. 

How do I get cheap car rental in Miami airport?

There are few good tips for getting cheap car rental in Miami airport.

  1. Use a comparison site, so you can compare like for like, on the prices you see.
  2. Always look at the end price with the extras you want added in.
  3. See what insurance coverage you want. The cheapest car rental company may have more expensive insurance, and then you will pay more for the overall rental, compared to a company with a good price for the car and for the insurance.
  4. Book as early as you can, prices rise as your pickup date gets closer.
  5. Do not book directly at the rental desk in the airport. They know you need a car NOW and will charge you for the convenience.

What is the best car rental in Miami airport?

The best depends on what you are looking for, to be honest. The cheapest? The best rating? The best selection of cars? The best customer reviews? Each one of these questions would probably give you a different answer.

The cheapest seems to be U-Save car rental across most categories. The best rated are Sixt and Hertz, with Thrifty, Dollar and Enterprise all coming in a close second.  The best selection of cars would be one of the bigger brands like Dollar or Sixt. The best reviews are with Sixt.

We always say that that the best rental car from Miami airport is the one that meets your travel needs and fits your budget. The best way to find this is to do a search and compare all the supplier’s prices including any extras or insurance that you want, then you will find the best rental car for you.

Does National offer one-way rental from Miami airport to Keywest?

Yes, they do!  You can book a one- way car rental with National from Miami Airport to Keywest and to other locations in Miami.  When you do a search, the cost of the one-way fee (if they apply one) is already built into the price, so you have no unexpected fees on your rental.

Other companies that also offer this one-way rental from Miami airport to Keywest include Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, Enterprise or Thrifty.

Does National offer one-way rental from Miami airport to Miami Cruise Port?

Yes, they do!  You can book a one- way car rental with National from Miami airport to Miami Cruise Port and vice versa, from Miami Port back to the airport.

This is a great way of getting to or from your Cruise ship, if transport is not included in your cruise package, or you want to enjoy a few days at the beginning or end of your trip in Miami. 

When you do a search, the cost of the one-way fee (if they apply one) is already built into the price, so you have no unexpected fees on your rental.

Other companies that also offer this one-way rental from Miami airport to Miami Port include Alamo, Avis, Budget, Hertz, Enterprise, Thrifty or Sixt.

What car rental deals are offered by National in Miami airport?

National often introduce deals and special features on your rental car in Miami, they are updated each week, so for the latest offers, do a search and see what´s available.

Typical deals from National include up to 20% off the price of your rental or Pre- Registration offers, which allow you to have an express pick-up, giving you the maximum vacation time while you are there.

National offer sanitised cars in Miami airport. These cars are cleaned and sanitised in line with WHO Covid recommendations and guidelines.

What cars can I rent from National in Miami?

Car rental Miami National has a huge selection of cars available in over 5 locations in Miami, and particularly in Miami airport, with no less than 22 different categories of car to rent. Whether you are looking for something small and smart like an Economy or a Compact class car, or something larger like a Standard or Intermediate class. Or maybe you are travelling with your family and need an SUV or a Minivan. Of is luxury your thing, you could choose a Full-size, Premium or Luxury class car.  Do you want to explore and need a Truck class car, or you want the top down and a real Miami experience in a convertible class car?  The choice is yours, and there is a great choice in Miami.

Does National have convertibles to rent in Miami?

Convertibles car rental from National in Miami starts from only $50 per day, which is not a big price for your dream of cruising around Miami with the top down! This would get you a sweet Ford Mustang convertible or similar. Other convertibles for rent in Miami airport include a Chevrolet Camaro, a Buick Cascada, a BMW 430i Convertible or A Mercedes SLC 300. 

What COVID safety measures have been introduced by National in Miami Airport?

National car rental Miami Florida has updated their safety measures to ensure your safety and the safety of fellow customers and their employees.  Masks should be worn when going through the airport and when dealing with the staff at the rental desk. Please follow the instructions on airport signs, in terms of the distance to stand from other customers, disinfecting your hands, wearing of masks etc. 

If you would like to get a car which has the “sanitised cars” feature, then do a search for cars with that sticker showing in the search results. This sticker means that the car rental company has brought cleaning policies in line with WHO recommendations. This is done to ensure your safety and peace of mind while renting a car.

What are the National car rental locations in Miami Florida?

National car rental Miami fl has excellent coverage for all over Miami, with no less than 10 car rental locations. Their biggest base for rental cars is in Miami International Airport where they have 15 different car rental options available to you. Anything from a small economy class, to a convertible, a good range of small, medium and large SUVs and trucks and vans. With National, you get excellent service and a great choice of cars.

Other top locations include:

  • National car rental Miami South Beach (also known as National car rental Miami Beach)
  • National car rental Miami Port (also known as National car rental Miami Cruise Terminal or National car rental Port of Miami.)
  • National car rental North Miami (also known as National car rental Collins Avenue, Miami).
  • National car rental Downtown
  • National car rental Keywest

With National car rental Miami International airport, you are very well covered for all your car rental needs.

Last Updated: 07.10.2020