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Save up to 30% on this and every car hire booking you make on Car Booker. We can get these savings for you by comparing the prices that all the car hire suppliers have on offer, and then give you the best deals, saving you time and money. And the great thing is that your car hire savings and value don’t end there. We give you access to car hire deals and offers in selected locations, all of which are over above any money savings that we make you. These deals change regularly depending on the supplier, so they are usually updated on a daily or weekly or monthly basis for each location.

To find the best deals, you should do a search for your car hire dates and you can see exactly what offers are available for you. On the comparison page, you will see gift icons and this will tell you the special offer on the hire. And don’t worry, if there isn’t a special offer on the car that you want, remember that you are already making huge savings on your car hire simply by booking with Car Booker.

And remember, all Car Booker Club members get an additional 5% on top of all of this. Just join the club and start saving immediately.

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