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Free Upgrade to the next Car Hire Class when you book with Car Booker

Free Upgrade Car Hire Deal

Looking for a bigger hire car, look no further. Get a Free Upgrade to the next car class when you book in selected locations with Car Booker. This is a great offer for anyone on a budget, or anyone with a good eye for a great car hire deal. So how does it work? You pay for your chosen car class and then the car that you get will be the next size up – at no extra cost. This offer is usually valid all the way up to a  premium hire car, but check your exact terms and conditions just to be sure.

This offer is available in selected locations worldwide, and it is updated on a regular basis. Suppliers change locations and offers on a weekly or monthly basis, so we keep track of all our offers on the Car Booker Blog and on our Twitter account. Or an even easier way to see if there are offers for you, is to do a search in the car booking engine.  On the comparison page, where you see a gift icon, this will indicate a special offer.

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