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Free Child Seat Car Hire Deal

Free child seat with car hire in selected locations

Travelling with Children? Reduce the cost of your booking with a free child seat car hire deal in selected locations with Car Booker. Travelling with kids can be great, but it can also be costly, so it is great when you save a little along the way. Car seats for kids, whether they be baby seats, child seats or booster seats can vary dramatically in price. Research done in 2019 by Car Booker showed that prices can vary in one location from €9.95 to €16.94 per child seat per day, so comparing offers is very important to ensure you are getting a good deal.

Sometimes parents want to bring their own baby seats, and more times, they choose to rent the baby seats from the car rental company. Or for the best deal of all, get a FREE child seat in selected locations worldwide. Suppliers change locations and offers on a weekly or monthly basis, so we keep track of all our offers on the Car Booker Blog and on our Twitter account. Offers are updated on a regular basis.

Cost of a child seat with a hire car booking.

The costs of your child car seat vary from car rental company to company. They start at €7.95 per seat per day or sometimes they have a fixed price per car rental, or often on longer bookings they cap the amount with a maximum fee. We reviewed child seat prices from the top car hire brands in Europe for you: (Car Seat prices below are based on an Alicante Airport Car Rental Comparison for 2020)

There is a real benefit in comparing car rental providers when you are looking at adding a child seat to your booking. You could save up to €9 per day, or even more on a longer booking. Check out our free child seat car hire deals to see if we can help you reduce the overall cost of your hire car.

FAQ - Free Additional Driver Car Hire Deals

Do car hire companies offer free car seats?

A child seat costs upward of €7.95 per day to reserve with your hire car. If you are looking at saving money on your booking or looking for FREE child seat offers, then let us help. Make your booking on Car Booker and get a FREE child seat in selected locations, which removes any need for thinking about the costs! This offer is provided by our suppliers in selected locations around the world and they update their offers on a weekly or monthly basis depending on which provider it is.

Do your homework before you hire your car! Or, let us do the work for you. On the Car Booker search engine, you can simply enter your car hire details:

  • Choose the relevant pick up and drop off location and time.
  • You will be presented with all the available rental cars in your location (all sizes and brands)
  • Then on the left hand side of the page, you will see a section called “Filter”
  • Scroll down until you find the “Special Offer” and click on “Free Child Seat”
  • You can then see the green banner on all the rentals where a Free Additional Driver offer is available with your car rental booking.
  • Click “Select” on the rental car and you will see that a child seat has already been added for free on the next page.

While we cannot guarantee this offer in any one location, there are always deals available, whether it be free child seat, free GPS, Zero Excess Car hire, Free Upgrades or general discounts of up to 30%. Compare car hire offers now to see what deals could apply to you.

Can you hire baby car seats?

There are two options available if you want to rent a child seat when you book your hire car. Firstly, you could bring your seat with you, or secondly, you could reserve one from your car hire company. Best advice is to compare the prices of the hire car with the child seat included, and then decide if it worth the extra cost, or if it makes more sense to bring your car seat with you. This is personal choice and you should weigh up the pros and cons for yourself. (Also read our section below on whether or not your existing car seat is suitable for your hire car and location.

Will the car hire company install the child seat?

Simply put, no! The car hire company employees are actually not permitted to do this for you. This responsibility lies with the parents or the person who has hired the car. The car hire company should, however, be able to provide with you the manual for the car seat to help you, if it is anyway complicated. If they don’t, or it is not obvious from the manual, then you will need to rely on your trusted video guides on YouTube to help you out.

Should I book my car seat in advance?

Always book your child car seat at the time of booking your hire car where possible. The companies can never guarantee that they will have a car seat available if you rock up to the desk without a seat reserved in advance. It could happen that when you go to pick up your car, that all the car seats have been taken already.

What happens if the car seat was in an accident?

It is the policy of many of the big name car rental brands to immediately dispose of child seats if they have been in an accident, for example, Alamo, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National and Thrifty. Car Seats are also disposed of, should there be an instance of a manufacturer recall. This is not a legal requirement, but these companies have initiated it as policy. Also, many of them replace their child seats regularly (yearly). You should always inspect the child seat you have been provided with and ensure that you are satisfied, the safety of your child is paramount.

Which child car seat do I need while on holidays?

This is quite a complicated question as it depends on what type of car seat you have, where you are traveling to and what regulations are in place there and also what type of hire you have booked.

Here are some points to consider before you decide to bring your car seat or rent one on site:

  • Does your car seat have ISOFIX or ISOFIT? If yes, then you will need to check if this car seat can be used with a normal 3-point harness belt, in the event that your hire car doesn’t have ISOFIX points.
  • Where are you travelling to? For example, in Australia, there is a requirement for a tether strap attachment from the seat to the car for additional security. Therefore, a car seat from the UK, EU or the USA is probably not suitable.
  • Most model car seats from the USA are not suitable for use in Europe as they may not release with one clip, due to the presence of the additional chest strap.
  • • As a general rule, car seats purchased in the UK are certified for use in the EU, but not certified for use in the USA. (This seems to apply to all car seats).

Check out our free child seat car hire deals to see if we can help you reduce the overall cost of your hire car.

Child Seat Rules and Regulations

Websites where you can learn about car seat rules abroad:

Child Seat rules in the UK:

Child Seat rules in France:

Child Seat Rules in Australia:

Child Seat rules in the USA:

Child Seat Rules in Spain: