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Get a free additional driver on your Hire car in selected locations

Free Additional Driver Car Hire Deal

Get a car hire free additional driver offer from Car Booker quickly and easily. It is a great offer available in many locations, primarily in the summer months. It is perfect for a couple or a group travelling together. It makes life easier and your experience more enjoyable if you can share the driving, and at no extra cost to your booking.

This offer is available from certain suppliers in selected locations. Because the offers are updated regularly, we keep the latest offers on our Car Booker Blog and all offers are updated on our Twitter Account. You can have a look there to see what offers are available, or an even easier way to see if there are offers for you is to do a search in the booking engine.

Avoid additional driver fees with Car Booker

Avoiding additional car rental fees is best achieved by doing your homework before you book your rental car. We can help you with this! On the Car Booker search engine, input your rental requirements as normal:

  • Choose the relevant pick up and drop off location and time and press “Serach”
  • You will be presented with all the available cars in your location (all sizes and brands)
  • Then on the left hand side of the page, you will see a section called “Filter”
  • Scroll down until you find the “Special Offer” and click on “Free Additional Driver”
  • You can then see the green banner on all the rentals where a Free Additional Driver offer is available.
  • Click “Select” to progress your booking and you will see that the additional driver has already been added for free on the next page.
Free Additional Driver Deals Example

FAQ - Free Additional Driver Car Hire Deals

How can I book a car hire free additional driver?

The best way to see if your booking comes with a free additional driver is to do a search on the Car Booker website. Enter your pick up and drop off dates and location, then simply do a search. You will see a box on the left hand side called “Special Offers” and if there is an offer available from any supplier in your location, we will find it for you. Then you simply proceed as normal with your booking and it will automatically be added for you at no extra charge. See our section below called “Avoid additional driver fees with Car Booker” for full details.

What is an additional driver fee?

This is the cost a car rental company charges you to ensure that the second driver is covered to the same extent as the main driver under your rental agreement.

The cost of adding a second driver varies from rental car company to company, sometimes a spouse or domestic partner can be added for free (in the USA), and for other companies the fee can start from €12 per driver per day. This fee is often capped at a maximum per rental, but again this varies and should be looked at in the important information section of the search engine.

What do I do at the Car Rental Desk for my Free Additional Driver?

If you are availing of a Free Additional Driver offer, you simply make your booking as normal. The second driver must be present when the car is being picked up. They will need to present a valid driver’s license and documentation. See your car hire voucher or the FAQs for any questions that you have on driver licence requirements.

How can I book an Additional Driver?

You can book a second driver as part of your normal car hire booking. It is considered an “extra” and is found under the extra add-on section. With Car Booker, you can add it directly at the time of booking, or at a later stage under “manage booking” if you wish. Keep an eye out on our booking engine for FREE additional driver deals. These can be seen on the filter on the left hand side and they will appear as a green banner with the words FREE ADDITIONAL DRIVER written on it on the individual vehicles where the offer applies.

How many additional drivers can I add?

The number of additional drivers that you are allowed to add depends very much on the company that you choose and where you pick your vehicle up. For example, in the USA some companies such as Hertz and Thrifty allow you to add as many drivers to the rental as will fit in your car! So in a five seater, you would be allowed four more drivers! Drivers are subject to the usual driving license and age criteria. While in other locations, you would pay a fee per day per driver. Check the extras terms and conditions of any agreement before you book.

How do I get a free additional driver offer?

Getting a car hire free additional offer depends on what deals a car rental supplier has in place in a particular location. The easiest way is to do a search for your dates and location, and see what companies have it on offer. See the section above called “Avoid additional driver fees with Car Booker” for full details.

Which car rental companies allow a second driver free?

Most companies have offers at various times of the year or in selected locations which allow a second driver to go for free. Also in the state of California, second drivers can be added for free. In other states in America the laws state that spouses and domestic partners who qualify under the normal driver rules can be added for free. To give you more information on it, we have reviewed the additional driver rules for the top car rental brands to help you compare their offerings.

If you don´t feel like reading through the details on each, the fastest and best way to secure a free additional driver deal is to do a search on Car Booker for your dates and location, and check out the special offers filter on the left hand side of the results page, this will show you free additional driver offers from any company that it is offering it at that time.


Budget Additional Driver Rules


Additional drivers are entitled to the same cover as the main driver under the Budget car hire agreement. They must also adhere to the same rules as the main driver.

Budget has an additional driver fee of £12.99 (Inc. VAT) per driver per day in the UK. This fee is capped at 10 days or £129 (Inc. VAT).

Young drivers under 25 years of age who wish to be added as an additional driver will be required to pay the young driver fee and the additional driver fee.

Budget additional driver is available in all Budget locations across the UK, in Europe and worldwide. You should check you terms and conditions to see the exact charge for your location.


Avis Additional Driver Rules


Avis allows additional drivers to be added to their car hire agreements. Drivers are responsible for adding themselves to the rental agreement and for observing the terms and conditions.

The Avis additional driver fee in the UK of £12.99 (Inc. VAT) per driver per day. The fee in Europe can vary per country but is roughly €11/12 per day, although we advise you to check your booking´s terms and conditions to see exactly what the charge the have apply in your chosen location. Avis charges an additional driver fee for every driver who they allow to drive the vehicle.

If any of the drivers are outside of the Avis age restrictions (under 25 or over 70 years old), they will be subject to the driver surcharges, as well as the additional driver fee.


Hertz Free Additional Driver Rules


Hertz allow you to add as many drivers as will fit in the car. You must pay a daily driver fee per driver, with the exception of their no additional driver fee California. At Hertz, all drivers must be added to agreement person. This can be done at vehicle pick-up or during the duration of the rental in person at a Hertz branch. Drivers cannot be added online, via their app, or by telephone.

The Hertz additional driver fee is £11.91 (ex. VAT) in the UK and €11.91 (ex. VAT) in Europe per driver per day. The fee in Europe can vary per country but is roughly €11/12 per day, although we advise you to check your booking´s terms and conditions to see exactly what the charge the have apply in your chosen location. For guaranteed offers on a free additional driver Hertz then you would have to make a booking in California, where they waive this fee. Also, with Hertz additional driver fee AAA, as they call it, they have no charge anyone who meets their standard rental qualifications and who are members of the AAA.

All drivers of Hertz vehicles must meet the standard driver´s criteria, and they must present a valid driver´s license when being added to the agreement. This includes any drivers who are considered younger or older drivers at the time of pick up.


Thrifty Additional Driver Rules


Thrifty says that all drivers, whether you are the main driver or a second driver must present a valid driver´s license. For the UK, this means a card license or paper license, and you will also need to show them evidence of any endorsements that you have on your license at the time of car rental.

They promote their additional driver add-on as a way of giving you additional flexibility and also as a safety measure that you can take when you are travelling on long journeys.

The Thrifty additional driver fee is £10.00 per driver per day (max 10 days charged).


Enterprise Additional Driver Rules


Enterprise do allow extra drivers, their terms and conditions refer to any “authorized” driver of a vehicle. Their rental agreement shows that all rules and regulations must be equally followed by all “renters” (main driver) or drivers named on the agreement.

The Enterprise additional driver fee is £13.00 per day (not including 20% VAT), they cap this at a 10-day maximum (£130.00). In Europe, their price appears to be a little cheaper at €12.10 (Inc. VAT) for each additional authorized driver. You should check your terms and conditions as these prices may vary by country or location.


Europcar Additional Driver Rules


Europcar offer an “add a second driver” extra on booking in the UK and Europe.

Europcar additional driver prices start at £14.00 per driver per day in the UK, and cost from €8 per driver per day in Europe. Again, these costs can vary per country, so please check your individual booking before you pick up your vehicle.


Alamo Additional Driver Rules


Alamo allows additional drivers, or “Authorized” drivers as they refer to them. Alamo charge £13.00 per day plus vat for each and every additional authorized driver, this includes any spouses or domestic partners. They cap their fee at a maximum of 10 days (£130).

All renters (main and extra drivers) must provide a driver´s license and photographic ID (driver´s license or passport). Drivers must be minimum 25 years old, or over 30 years old if they wish to hire a Full-Size or 4-wheel drive vehicle. The only options for younger drivers is through their sister company´s Enterprise Car Club.


National Additional Driver Rules


National allows additional drivers but stipulate that they must meet all age requirements, they must appear the pickup desk with the main driver to be added to the rental agreement, and they must be in possession of a valid driver´s license.

Their fee starts at £13.00 per day (not including 20% VAT), the maximum fee is £130.00. Across Europe their extra authorized fee is €12.10 (Inc. VAT) per driver per day. Please check your location for the exact amount.

Additional driver fee California is an exception to this, they waive fees in California. Also state laws in California, Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon and Wisconsin allow a spouse to be an automatic authorized driver once they meet National´s driver requirements.


Dollar Additional Driver Rules


Dollar allows additional drivers on their car hire agreements. Like its sister company Thrifty, Dollar charges a fee of £10.00 per driver per day (max 10 days charged).

All drivers must be aged 22 years or more, and any under 25 years will have a restriction on the car sizes that they are allowed to rent. Luxury model vehicles require the renter to be over 30 years of age. Any young drivers will be charged an extra daily fee of £35.00 (Inc. VAT) per day.


Payless Additional Driver Rules


Payless facilitates additional drivers. All drivers must meet their age requirements and must present a license with a clean driving record which they have held for at least 2 years, before they qualify.

Any extra drivers are charged a fee of €11.35 (Inc. VAT) per person per day.

Can additional driver pick up rental car?

No, the car rental agreement is with the main driver and as such they must present themselves at the desk with the relevant document and sign their agreement. It is not possible to send someone else in your place.

Does additional driver have to be present at rental?

Yes, all named drivers are always required to present themselves at a car hire pick up desk with a valid form of identification and driver´s license. This holds true if you have paid for the extra cost or if you if you are claiming a car hire free additional driver offer. This is the only way that you can sign the rental agreement and can get the same driving cover as the main driver. However, if you cannot be present at the initial pick up, it is often possible to go to the original or another pickup branch at another point during the rental. This can be arranged with the company directly, and then you can fill out the necessary paperwork.