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By far the best way of saving money on car hire is to compare the market. If you decide to do this on your own, it can take a while and it can get confusing when you are comparing offers presented in different ways and how do you know what includes taxes or which one has hidden extras? Well, at Car Booker, we are experts in car hire comparison. That’s what we do. So look no further for simple, clear and useful car hire comparison. We get the most up to date prices from all the car hire providers and when you do a search on Car Booker for your hire car, we can show you a simple comparison which will help you pick the perfect hire car for your trip and will save you up to 30% on this book and every future car hire booking made with us.

The comparison page allows you to pick elements of the car hire booking that are more or less important on your booking, so you can quickly and easily narrow your search for the perfect hire car. A good example of how you can tweak the filters is with a family car at the airport for a holiday, you will need to pick a car that can fit everyone, you will probably want an airport pick up (a shuttle bus pick up may be less expensive, but you might decide to trade of the price and hassle), you plan on doing a few day trips so you want unlimited mileage, and you want a pick up full, drop off full fuel policy. Well, on Car Booker, all of this is simple, you can easily  pick and choose what you want, and then get the very best prices from various car hire providers, saving you money on your hire car. This is best and easiest way to save money on car hire – we save customers an average of 30% per car hire.

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