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Green Motion Car Rental is a UK brand that is focussed on being environmentally friendly. They have used this stance as a unique selling point of their car hire brand since they were founded in 2005. This approach means that their hire car fleet uses cars and vans that have low CO2 emissions. They do regular testing of their fleet to ensure that it is fit for purpose and it meeting it environmentally friendly requirements.

The company has expanded quickly due to environmentally friendly approach, but also they have put a strategy in place which helps them grow in two main ways. The first way is through natural growth and expansion, where the company opens up in new locations. The second approach is through a franchise expansion programme. This dual strategy has been very successful for them to date, and they now have car and van hire in more than 10 countries around the world, and franchises in place in more countries.

Presently, Green Motion has almost 100 car hire pick up locations in airports, city centre locations and in resorts across Costa Rica, Cyprus, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Jordan, Malta, Mexico, Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States. So choose Green Motion for an environmentally friendly hire car booking and feel good about your choice of provider.

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