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Enterprise hire car is the biggest provider of car rental worldwide, with over 7,600 pickup locations around the world.  They are constantly rated as one of the top brands in the world and has remained a family business with one goal: to exceed your expectations for service and overall value.

Enterprise car hire offers you a huge choice of cars and vans almost anywhere in the world, so you can always find something to suit your needs and your budget.

Cheap hire car with Enterprise

The best ways to find cheap car hire from Enterprise or any other company, is to do a car rental comparisonand then pick the best vehicle for you. If you specifically want Enterprise as your chosen car hire brand, then enter your location and dates. Once on the search results page, you can click on the Enterprise car hire brand, and we will show you all the car hire deals available for Enterprise.

If you would like to compare Enterprise car hire prices to all the other brands in that location, then you can do that on Car Booker at the click of a button. Search, Compare and Save.

Enterprise Rating

Enterprise Rating
Average 8.4 /10

Overall value for money


Cleanliness of the car


Service at the rental desk


Car hire pick-up process


Car hire drop-off process


Average waiting time is 13 min
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The History of Enterprise Rent a Car

Enterprise Rent a Car was originally called the ´Executive Leasing Company´ and had a fleet of seven hire cars when it was set up in Missouri by Jack Tayor in 1957. Taylor then changed the name to Enterprise after serving on the USS Enterprise during World War II. The company went from strength to strength and in 2009, it became a subsidiary of Enterprise Holdings Inc which is a car hire giant and owner of National Car Rental and Alamo Rent a Car as well as Enterprise Rent a Car.

In 2008 it was thought to be one of the largest privately owned companies in the United States. Enterprise´s previous focus has been on the car hire replacement market, which means that it provided hire cars in local markets following accidents and following cars being stolen or while cars are being repaired. This was a short term market for anyone who had a short term need locally for a hire. They also rented cars for short business trips and leisure journeys. It wasn’t until the 1990´s that Enterprise Rent a Car started to move away from this local, short term market and started to set its sights on the bigger business and tourism markets. They started expanding in to airport in the United States and Canada in North America, and then in the UK, Ireland and Germany in Europe.

They are company that is very focussed on customer service and they were even ranked the 9th best business for customer service by Business Week in 2007. They have also been repeatedly recognised as one of the car hire companies with the highest customer satisfaction scores.

With over 7,600 car hire location across the globe, Enterprise Rent a Car is truly global. They have more than 1.2 million hire cars and they estimate that in the United States they have a car hire location with 15 miles of 90% of the population. This means that no matter where you are, you will not be too far from an Enterprise Rent a Car.

FAQ - Enterprise car Hire

How much does Enterprise car hire cost?

Enterprise car hire aims to give you overall good value for money. The price of your hire car depends on:

  1. Where you are hiring the car
  2. If it is on or off-season
  3. How far in advance you book the car
  4. What size of car you choose
  5. What extras you would like to add to the booking.

It is not possible to give you an average daily price without you doing a car hire searchfor your pickup location and date.

Car rental from Enterprise with Free Cancellation?

All Enterprise hire cars booked here on Car Booker come with free amendments and cancellations as standard. Typically free cancellation is up to 48 hours before the pick-up time for all customers, with the exception of last minute bookings (less than 48 hours before pick up), then you will need to read your terms and conditions for your specific cancellation policy. Go to Mange Bookingto do any free amendments or cancellations.

Does Enterprise restrict mileage on cars?

Almost every car hire from Enterprise comes with unlimited mileage as standard, so you can drive as much as you want at no extra cost. We have not come across any restrictions to date, however, always check your terms and conditionsbefore you book to be sure.

Enterprise Hire Car Prices

Enterprise offers good value for money across the world for car rental.They provide good quality cars, particularly good customer service and their overall value for money is always praised by customers.

To find the best enterprise car hire prices, then do a search for a location near you, or your holiday destination, and do a car hire comparisonto find the perfect car for you.

How do I get cheap car hire from Enterprise?

There are few good tips for getting your cheap Enterprise car hire.

  1. Use a comparison site, so you can compare like for like on all the Enterprise car hire prices and deals you see.
  2. Always look at the end price with the extrasyou want added in.
  3. See what insurance coverage you want.The cheapest car rental company may have more expensive insurance, and then you will pay more for the overall rental, compared to a company with a good price for the car and for the insurance.
  4. Book as early as you can, prices rise as your pickup date gets closer.
  5. Do not book directly at the rental desk in the airport.They know you need a car NOW and will charge you for the convenience.

What fuel policy does Enterprise have?

Car hire from Enterprise typically comes with a full to full fuel policy.

This means that when you pick your car up, it will be full, and you need to return it full at drop off. If you do not return it full, you could be subject to a fine and the cost of refuelling the car. Fuel charged by the car rental company is often more expensive that you fuelling yourself at a Gas Station.

Other possible fuel policies available are:

  • Pick up Full, Return Empty
  • Pick up quarter full, return quarter full
  • Same to same: return with car with as much fuel as it had at pick up.

See our blog post on how to beat fuel charges when renting a car, or our video guide on car rental fuel policy.

Does my Enterprise car hire come with insurance?

Cars rented from Enterprise to drivers from the United States of Americado not include Theft or Damage cover. These are standard requirements when renting a vehicle, otherwise you can be held liable for the full value of the vehicle in case of damage or theft.

When Enterprise hire cars to UK or European residents, these vehicles typically come with a level of Collision Damage Waiver and Theft waiver as standard. These insurances come with an excess as standard, which varies depending on your car size.

If you are looking to reduce the risk, then you will need to purchase Car Rental Damage Protection. With this option, you will be required to leave a deposit at the start of your rental.

If you are looking to reduce the excess completely or have an Enterprise zero excess car hire in, then you will need to take out a Complete cover package directly at pick up.

Does Enterprise allow additional drivers?

Yes, they allow up additional drivers. Any additional driver must meet the same criteria as the main driver and be present at pick up. The daily cost varies from country to country, so please do a search and click on the Enterprise hire car that you want, in the important information section, under “Driver”, it will tell you the daily charge for your location.

Does Enterprise accept debit cards?

Yes and no! You can book your rental car from Enterprise directly here on Car Booker and make a payment with your debit card.However, to pick up your car, you will often be required to have a credit card in the name of the main driver. For many UK locations, Enterprise say that they do accept debit cards, but will require an ID and address verification.

It always depends on the local office. Do a search for your location, click on the debit card filter on the search engine, and it will show you if Enterprise accepts debit cards in your location.

Where they only accept credit cards, this is used to hold the refundable security deposit. If you want a reduced or no deposit rental car from Enterprise, then you will need to take out full insurance from them directly at the rental desk when you go to pick up your car.            

What documents do I need for my Enterprise hire car?

To book your rental car, you only need a debit or credit card.

When you get to the rental counter, you will need:

  • Your passport
  • Your car rental voucher
  • A current driver's licence (for each driver)
  • The main driver's credit card/ debit card
  • International travellers must also show passport, proof of return travel & residency information

Always check the terms and conditions to see if the car rental company requires any extra form of ID.

What cars can I hire from Enterprise?

As the biggest car rental brand in the world, you will always get a good choice from Enterprise, no matter where you are, they have an estimated 1.2million cars on the road at any one time!

Whether you are looking for something small and smart like an Economyor a Compact class car, or something larger like a Standardor Intermediate class. Or maybe you are travelling with your family and need an SUVor a Minivan. Or is luxury your thing?  You could choose a Full-size, Premiumor Luxury car?  The choice is yours, and Enterprise offers great choice.

In select cities, Enterprise offer exotic sports cars, luxury sedans and SUVs, and have one of the largest selections of exoticcars and premium vehicle rentals available. Start your search now.

Enterprise one way car hire

Enterprise customers may rent a car and drop it off at a different domestic location.Cross-border/ cross state lines travel is available, although there are some restrictions and fees. For additional information, do a search and look at the exact terms and conditions, including pricing for travelling across boards and state lines.

Remember, the biggest car rental brandsare usually best when looking to do a one way rental, as they have offices in more locations, and tend to keep costs down for their customers where possible.

When you do a search, the cost of the one-way fee is built in tothe price, so you have no unexpected feeson your rental.

Enterprise car hire under 25

Enterprise car hire UK has a minimum age of 25 years. This minimum age increases to 30 years of age for car classes such as exotics or larger SUVs and luxury cars. They do offer certain car classes for drivers under 25 years and charge a daily surcharge or fee. The UK fee is 30GBP per day.


The minimum age for car rental in most states in America is 20 years old (exception New York, which is 18 years old).  Most car rental companies see 25 years old as the standard age for car rental and apply a young driver fee to anyone aged between 20-24 years of age, they also may restrict the car classes that you allow you to rent.

When you do search and compare car rentalon Car Booker, this surcharge will automatically be built into your price.

Enterprise car hire deals

Enterprise update their car hire deals regularly, so you will need to enter in your dates to see exactly what is available. Typical deals include:

These deals are updated each week, so keep an eye out on the filters tab on the search results page for the latest car rental deals.

For the best prices on Enterprise car hire and on all other brands, anywhere in the world, save time by searching here on Car Booker. We compare car hirebrands, and at the click of a button, you get a great choice of cars and the best prices. 

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Last Updated:18.10.2020