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The Azores is an archipelago of nine islands which is situated in the North Atlantic, 1500kms west of Lisbon. The islands were formed by volcanos and the Azores are said to have the highest mountains in the world when you measure from the base (under water) to their peak. The best and easiest way to travel to the Azores is by plane and there are airports to be found on the mains islands of Terceira, São Miguel, Faial, Pico and Santa Maria. Flight go to and from the Azores to Europe and the USA, and Boston is only a 4 hour flight across the Atlantic! Car hire is available in all these airports for those of you wishing to explore the culture and beauty of the Azores and to experience the adventures that are now on your doorstep.

More About The Azores

Car Hire

Car Hire Azores is available from all various locations on the islands including at IIha Terceira and Ponta Delgada airports, and in the following cities and resorts; IIha Terceira, Pico City and at the Faial Hotel Reseort in Praia Da Vitoria. With your Azores hire car, you can explore the beauty of the islands, visit small towns and villages, drive to your hiking destination, or get see the stunning coastline. Car Booker works with all the main car rental providers on the islands offer you the best choice of cars to hire from brands such as Europcar, Hertz and Avis as well as local brand Ilha Verde Rent a Car. We compare their car hire prices and deals and we search for the best prices for your car hire on the Azores.

Top things to do

The top things to do in the Azores are usually in the outdoors and aimed at those us you who are up for an adventure! If you like hiking, then you are in for a treat. There are beautifully restored networks of walking routes through the Azores which were historically the means of travel and transport for the locals. On São Miguel, go to the North eastern coast of the island and enjoy the paths bring you though small villages and through lush forests and find amazing views all the way along. For unbelievable views of the whole archipelago and to see the blue lakes that will the crater, then you will need to climb Pico Mountain (2351m). The other tops things in the Azores including getting onto or into the water, it is one of the top 10 places in the world for whale watching, or to see more under the water, then we recommend snorkeling or diving to enjoy the results of the volcanic activity with unusual flora, fauna and caves. Or else try surfing the Atlantic or if you want get up in the air, then try paragliding or hand-gliding.

Road Trips

Use your hire car to explore the main attractions on Sao Miguel Island. Drive out beyone Pont Delgada and go to the Sete Cidades (translates to the “Seven Cities”). This is amazing to see, it is a volcano crater which has a village and two lakes at the bottom of it. There is a lovely legend which accompanies the area about a beautiful princess and Shepard in love, enjoy hearing it from a local. On the North of Sao Miguel, you will find the only commercial tea plantation in Europe. If you are on Santa Maria Island, then you will be treated to the whitest sand beaches and the highest average temperatures of all the islands. So on Santa Maria use your rental car to enjoy sun at various beaches, scuba and surf and exploring the coastline! On Flores Island, don’t miss going to Funda which is a fabulous lagoon that makes you think of pirate treasure. You will be amazed as you drive around, coming across such natural beauty and unusual sights such as basalt structures, beautiful waterfalls, cliffs with stunning views and unrivalled scenery.

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