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Can young drivers rent cars from Malaga Airport?

Yes, many car rental providers allow drivers who are younger than the 25-year typical minimum age to rent a car from Malaga airport.  However, these younger drivers will be required to pay a supplement, which is a daily fee. This fee can cost anywhere from €7-15 per day per driver.  To find out the exact fee, do a search and make sure your age is entered correctly. The price will be built into your rental price.  

What is the best car rental brand for young drivers in Malaga Airport?

If you are 23 or 24 years of age, then Sixt car rental does not consider you a young driver, you qualify for the normal car rental charges (on smaller car models), therefor you would not need to pay any fee!

Also check out Centauro, who have the cheapest young driver fees in Malaga. Compare both prices to see which works out better value for the full rental cost.

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How much is a young driver fee in Malaga airport?

Age: 21 to 24 years

Charge €15,10 per day

Age: 21 to 24 years

Charge €20,95 per day

Age: 21 to 24 years

Charge €7 per day

Age: 21 to 24 years

Charge €10,50 per day

Age: 21 to 25 years

Charge €10,50 per day

Age: 21 to 24 years

Charge €15,10 per day

Age: 19 to 25 years

Charge €10 per day

Age: 18 to 22 years

Charge €19,99 per day

FAQ - Car Rental under 25 at Malaga airport

I am 21 years old, can I rent a car in Malaga airport?

Yes, most car rental companies operating from Malaga airport allow drivers from 21-24 years old to rent a car when they pay a young driver supplement.

Sixt car rental even offer young drivers of 18 years of age or more to drive, subject to conditions (car size) and a fee.

I am 19 years old, can I rent a car in Malaga airport?

Yes, certain car rental companies such as Centauro allow driver from 19-24 years old, or Sixt from 18-22 years old to rent a car when they pay a young driver supplement.

What is a young driver fee in car rental?

Younger drivers pay an extra fee when they drive a rental car.Find out what the various companies charge by looking at the table below for Malaga Airport car rentals.

What´s the cheapest young driver fee in Malaga airport?

Currently the cheapest young driver fee is €7 per day(minimum €21, maximum €98) and is offered by Centauro Car Rental in Malaga airport.

Why do young drivers need to pay a fee?

The fee is to cover the increased insurance risk of younger drivers.They are less experienced, and that means that statistically they have more insurance claims, and when they claim, the claims are usually bigger. The car rental companies charge an extra fee to cover this risk when they let younger drivers rent cars.

This isn´t saying that you personally are not a good driver, it all comes down to statistics.

Will I have to pay a young driver fee for car rental in Malaga airport?

When you book your rental online for Malaga airport, you'll be asked your age when you do a search and will have to confirm it before you book.  You can see if this influences the price.

If you book your car at the rental desk in Malaga airport, the staff at the desk will check your identification and charge you a young drivers fee accordingly.

You should be able to see each company´s young driver fee its terms and conditions online or check out our guide here. It is always worth comparing the various companies offers to make sure you are getting the best car rental deal.

How much is a young driver fee?

Young driver fees vary from country to country and from car rental company to company.The fees could range from €5 per day in Spain to €38 per day in the UK. That´s why car rental comparison sites such as Car-Booker are great, you can compare the overall price and then get the best car rental deal to suit your needs.

When will I pay the young driver fee for my car rental in Malaga?

You will usually pay the young driver fee at the counter when you arrive to pick up your car, whether you've booked online or not. For example, booking on Car-Booker will charge you the price of the online booking and then show you what must be paid at the rental counter. It always gives you a breakdown as to how much the young driver fee is and any associated taxes and charges.

How will I pay the young driver fee?

The fee will be charged to your credit card, in the currency of the country you're renting in.

What if I’m not the main driver?

The young driver fee will apply to you if you are the main driver or if you are added to the rental agreement as an additional driver.

How can I avoid paying a young driver fee?

Unfortunately, if you are under 25-years of age, then you will most likely have to pay a fee. The important thing to remember is that the fees are not the same in each company, that means that it is very important to compare the different providers to see where you can get the best deal on your young driver feel

Also remember that it is easier to get a good deal when you choose a smaller car class, such as mini or economy, as many of the bigger car classes do not allow young drivers or charge you more to rent them.

Which car rental company is best for under 25?

No one company is best.Try to find the best overall car rental deal; do a search, look at the car size, then look at the insurance costs and young driver fee, and any other extras you want to add, then pick the best deal for you.

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