Car Rental Guide Fine Print

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Hiring a rental car should be simple and straight forward, but as with most transactions you should always pay attention to the terms of service so there are no nasty surprises. Some people call it fine print but for most of us it is where the detail of your car rental is clarified and explained. So what should you take particular note of in your rental conditions when hiring a car? Two common car rental policies that cause confusion relate to fuel and mileage.

Car Booker's tip is to check the fuel policy in your rental confirmation voucher. Generally “Pick up Full, Return Full” is considered the best value. You find more details in our fuel policy explain video. Most car rental providers will offer unlimited millage as standard, but again check your rental terms to be sure as it may not always be the case. Some rental agents include additional driver in the base cost, others may charge a fee, but all will require the additional drivers present their license in person at the car rental desk. Generally speaking you need to inform the rental car company if there are going to be other people driving the car.

Finally check the car rental voucher and conditions to ensure your car hire booking isn´t going to present you with any unexpected charges. Policies and terms of service vary depending on your chosen car rental supplier so make life easy and spend a few moments reading yours. You will see the benefits at the rental desk with a hassle free pick up.

If you have any questions, it is likely we have already an answer for you in our FAQ or simply send us a mail.

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