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Excess Insurance Explained

What is Car Rental Excess Insurance?

Car Rental Excess insurance is an extra insurance that you can buy when you rent a car. The purpose of the insurance is to ensure that you are covered for the amount of the excess on your car rental policy should anything go wrong. Car Rental excess insurance reduces the risk that you have of being out of pocket in the event of an accident.

Why Do I Need Car Rental Excess Insurance?

Normally when you rent a car there is a level of insurance included in the contract (see your terms and conditions). The most common insurances included are Collision Waiver Damage, Vehicle Theft Waiver and Liability Insurance. Specifically with Collision Waiver Damage, even if it is included, it usually has exclusions such as damage to glass (e.g. windows, windscreen, etc.) tyres, undercarriage, roof and loss of keys; for instance if you damage the undercarriage of the vehicle, you will be liable for the full cost of repair.

It is normal practice, even when you have these insurances included in your car rental agreement that they are subject to an excess, unless it specifically says Zero Excess (but this is usually only given as a special offer). The standard excess amounts vary, depending on the company, but is usually not less €1000 and depending on the car class you choose, it can be much higher.

This means that if you have an accident or damage to glass, tyres, roof etc, your car rental insurance will only cover costs above the excess amount. You will have to pay any charges that are incurred up to the excess amount.

How do I Avoid Car Rental Excess Charges?

To avoid costly car rental excess charges, it is advisable have car rental excess insurance. Excess insurance provides peace of mind and protects you against having to pay a large excess in the event of an accident.

You can purchase Car Rental Excess Insurance on Car Booker at booking stage of your car rental. You simply tick the box, but please ensure you have read the terms and conditions. Excess Insurance on Car Booker is provided by Mondial Assistance and Allianz Worldwide and it costs from €5.50 per day. Which is a small cost for peace of mind.

It is possible to get Car Rental Excess Insurance at the car rental pick up desk, however, you will have to pay the agents pricing as this is now considered a separate transaction. Car Booker cannot guarantee that price you will be offered as we are responsible for this pricing.

How do I Claim on My Car Rental Excess Policy?

Car Rental excess insurance operates on a pay and reclaim basis. In the event that you have an accident and you are required to pay the excess, you will pay the car rental company directly. All receipts and documentation should be kept by you and then submitted to the claims section of your car rental excess insurer. See your specific car rental excess insurance terms and conditions for the exact documents required and process to be followed.

Excess insurance provides peace of mind and protects you against having to pay a large excess in the event of an accident. Always read the terms and conditions associated with the policy.

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