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Fully inclusive car rental prices come as standard from Car Booker. Our customers tell us that it can be confusing and a little frustrating going to each company website looking for car rental quotes, and then when you do get the quote, you don’t know if it includes everything or if you need to add taxes or add insurance or airport charges or credit card fees. STOP! This is so confusing – comparing offers on your own can be difficult. That’s where Car Booker comes to rescue. We do all the hard work, we compare all the offerings and deals and prices from the top car rental brands. Whether you want a mini class car in Rome, a family car in Spain, a premium car in London or an Elite from LAX, we work with the best car rental providers and we find you the best prices. More than just giving you a good price upfront, we keep that value all the way through your booking; we give you clear and easy to follow comparisons, so you can pick the best deal for you. You will save up to 30% just by comparing car rentals, and we have other special offers available.

All quotes given on Car Booker include taxes and charges and credit card fees, so the price you see, is the price you pay. It is open and honest pricing and allows to compare like for like, and be sure in the knowledge you have the best price on your rental car. No fuss, no gimmicks, fully inclusive pricing. Get car rental deals and offers right here from Car Booker – The Car Rental Comparer.