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Free Child Seat Car Rental

Get free child seat car rental deals in selected locations when you book your rental car through Car Booker. Going on holiday with your children is an adventure and when well planned, is really exciting and fun, that’s why you should always have your rental car pre-booked and also any extras that you may need including baby seats, infant seats or booster seats. Sometimes parents want to bring their own baby seats, and more times, they choose to rent the baby seats from the car rental company.

The cost of a child car seat with your car rental.

Depending on the provider, they can charge anywhere from $6.99 per day upwards, or sometimes a fix fee for the car rental period, whether you rent a car for the weekend or for a two-week vacation. Some companies put a maximum on the price car seat, once your daily fee reaches that amount, then you won´t be charged anything further. We reviewed the child seat from the top car rental brands in the USA:

As you can see it pays to compare car rental companies when you are booking your rental car. There are big savings to be made by choosing one company over another. Or make your booking on Car Booker and get a FREE child seat car rental deal in selected locations, which removes any need for thinking about the costs! This offer is provided by our suppliers in selected locations around the world and they update their offers on a weekly or monthly basis depending on which provider it is.

FAQ - Free Additional Driver Car Rental Deals

Do any car rental companies have free car seats?

Renting a car seat usually cost upwards of $6.99 per day, but there are certain times when you can get a free car seat. Hertz offer one free car seat to AAA members. Outside of this, the best way to get a free child seat with your car rental is to look for the special offers on Free Seats.

Our top tip for customers is to do your homework on your booking and save the price of your booking. Or, you can let us do the work for you. On the Car Booker search engine, you can simply enter your car rental details:

  • Select the correct pick up and drop off location and time.
  • Then you will see all the rental cars that are available.
  • Look on the left hand side of the page and find the section called “Filter”.
  • Find the heading “Special Offer” and click on “Free Child Seat”.
  • Here you can see all rental cars offering a Free Child Seat, there is a green banner to make it easier to find!
  • When you click “select” to proceed with your booking, you will find that the car seat has been automatically added to the extras, and the cost is zero.

We cannot guarantee this free child seat car rental deals in any one location, however, you should do a search here on Car Booker to see if it, or any other great offers are available on your rental. Many suppliers do deals on Free Additional Drivers, Free GPS, Zero Excess, Free Upgrades or general discounts up to 30% off your car rental booking. See what applies to your booking by comparing car rentals now.

Can you rent baby car seats?

When you are traveling with kids and need a car seat, then there are two options available to you, one, you bring your seat with you, or two, you rent the car seat from the car rental company. This is where you need to weigh up the costs versus the convenience of renting the car seat on site or bringing one with you. Obviously it is much nicer to travel through an airport with kids with the minimum amount of extra baggage, and, as you know, a car seat is BIG and often quite heavy. Also, there is the consideration that damage could be done to your car seat while it is being loaded onto, or unloaded from the plane. We recommend comparing the costs and then making up your mind.

Do car rental companies install car seats?

No! This is the simplest question to answer. The employees of car rental companies are not authorized to install car seats in the rental cars. This is firmly the responsibility of the parent. Cue flashback to the first time you installed a car seat after the birth of your baby! However, the car rental provider is supposed to have the installation manuals on hand should you require them, or you can always resort to your friend YouTube to help you out.

Should I reserve my car seat in advance?

We always recommend reserving your child car seat in advance. In the USA you are guaranteed the car seat on arrival when you have reserved it in advance. Otherwise, it could happen that you pick up your rental car and all the child car seats have already been rented out, and then you have a problem.

How do I know if the car seat is safe?

After a review of some of the top car rental brands, Alamo, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National and Thrifty, we note that they dispose of child car seats immediately should the car seat have been involved in an accident, or if there has been a manufacturer recall on any of their child seats. While this is the policy of many of the big car rental companies, this is not required under the law. We would always recommend inspecting the car seat before you install it in the car, and make sure you are happy that it meets your child´s safety needs.

Can I use my child seat in a rental car?

There is no straight forward answer to this question. It depends on the child seat that you have. It depends on where you are traveling from or to, and it depends on the car that you rent.

We have come up with a few important points to consider when deciding if you want to bring your own car seat or to rent one on site.

  • Do you have a car seat with ISOFIX or ISOFIT? If you do, then you need to see if your car seat also works with a normal 3-point seat belt. It could happen that the car you rent does not come with an ISOFIX point.
  • Each country has its own set of rules regarding child car seats. For example, any car seat from UK, Europe or America would not be suitable in Australia, where they require an additional tether strap which connects the seat to the car.
  • Most child seats purchased in the USA have an additional chest strap and these are not suitable in the UK, as there is a requirement that child seat belts be open with one clip.
  • Conversely, car seats from the UK cannot be used in the USA as they are only UK and Europe certified.
  • Car seats in the UK and Europe are generally okay to be used all over the UK and Europe, but check the point above about ISOFIX and ISOFIT to ensure that your seat is suitable.

Child Car Seat Rules

Here are a few websites for popular car rental destinations that we have, you can click into them and see what rules apply to your car rental location.

Rules in the UK for Child Seats:

Rules in France for Child Seats:

Rules in Australia for Child Seats:

Rules in the USA for Child Seats:

Rules in Spain for Child Seats: