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The Car Booker Club

is Car Booker’s member club which was designed to help our customers save even more money on their rental car bookings. We provide access to the normal discount, to extra offers and to the extra member discount. We reward our car rental club members by saving them up to 30% by comparing providers and by giving them up to an extra 5% off each and every booking, just for being a member. We also make sure that all the special offers and deals are still available for our Car Booker Club members so they can benefit as much as possible. The Club saves its member money because Car Booker compares all the car rental providers in your chosen pickup location, we look at the best prices and deals on offer, then we help you pick the perfect rental car for you. Anyone can join The Car Booker Club; if you want a one off two day rental, a week in the sun, an SUV for a month long road trip, or if you are a business that rents cars regularly, you can join!

Simply sign up and start saving immediately, no waiting period, no delays, immediate savings on your next car rental booking and on every booking from now on. So for guaranteed savings, great deals and access to the top car rental brands, join now and be part of the club! Get car rental deals and offers right here from Car Booker – The Car Rental Comparer.

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