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Intermediate Rental Car class

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The Intermediate Rental Car Class refers to mid-sized cars typically used for business travel or as a large family car with room for five adults and a large boot (trunk). They are the ideal rental cars for comfort or more luggage space or simply something bigger on the road. These cars are more powerful than economy or compact classes allowing you to drive in comfort whether on shorter journeys or for your planned road trip. Intermediate rental cars are typically five door saloon cars with space for comfort on your trip.

Intermediate rental car vs standard rental car

Should you choose an intermediate or a standard car? This is a question that is often asked by our customers. The easiest answer is that you should choose the car that best suits your needs.

  • Both car models have 5 doors.
  • Both vehicles have space for 5 passengers.
  • Intermediate class cars have as a universal standard space for 4 pieces of luggage in the trunk.
  • Standard size cars in Europe almost always come with space for 4 pieces of luggage, however, in America, many cars come with space for only 3 pieces of luggage.
  • Standard cars tend to be bigger and more powerful than intermediate cars.
  • Intermediate cars are generally cheaper than standard cars.

Both classes of car are nice and roomy, and are nice to drive. For longer journeys, you will probably have a little more luxury in the standard car, but pay a little more for the pleasure.

FAQ - Intermediate Car Rental

What is an intermediate car?

An intermediate rental car is  bigger than a ´compact´ car and  smaller than a ´standard´ car. Intermediate cars are usually 5 door cars, with space for 5 passengers. Their trunk holds 4 pieces of luggage.

They are suitable for anyone travelling on a business trip, a couple or friends going away for the weekend, or for a family holiday.

How big is an intermediate rental car?

An intermediate class rental typically has  more space than in a compact car, which means that  5 people will fit more comfortably. They are 5 door cars, which gives you a decent size trunk which should fit 4 pieces of luggage. Smaller car hire classes include economic and compact, and bigger classes include standard, full size, SUV, minivan, luxury, premium and truck.

Is an intermediate rental car cheaper than a standard rental car?

When you look to rent a car, then always choose the right car for your needs. While intermediate and standard cars are similar, the standard cars tend to be a little more luxurious, and therefore tend to be more expensive.

Here at we carried out research on airports in Europe and in America. We typically found that car rental prices for standard and intermediate cars in 2019 and in 2020 show that  intermediate models start at $70 per week cheaper than the standard models. There are of course exceptions to this, where car rental companies introduce special offers and promote certain cars, but typically you can expect to pay less for an intermediate size car.

Why does my car rental booking say “or similar” for the car type?

We have listed examples of intermediate cars below, but often when you book, it will give you a suggested car and then say  “or similar”. The reason for this is that rental companies  update their fleets regularly, and also have vehicles in their current fleet which are  out of service while being cleaned or serviced or repaired.

Therefore, most companies rent to you by offering you a particular car class, then say “or similar”. You are sure what car class you will receive but it may not always be the exact model.