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Fleet Car Rental is a Croatian car rental company which is a new comer on the market. It started operations in March 2012 and has already had a significant amount of visitors due to its location in the sunny and popular Croatia. Just because the status is new, don’t be fooled, this company brings a lot of experience to the table with the power of TRCZ Group behind them. This company has being operating in the used car trade for over 20 years in Croatia.

Fleet car rental operates with the motto ‘Power of Choice’, so it has set out its stall from the very beginning, promising customers that it will provide them with their car rental choices. Having seven offices dotted around Croatia for car rental in Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Pula, Split, Zagreb and Zadar; Fleet Car Rental focuses on popular tourist destinations in the airports, cities and resorts, so there is usually a Fleet Car Rental close by.

Fleet have a great local knowledge of cars, car rental, culture and the local nuances of the Croatian way of life. Use this experience, go local and hire a Fleet car to explore all Croatia has on offer. It is a great place, with a wonderful coastline and lots to see and do.

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