Top 5 Tips for Cheaper Car Rentals

Top 5 tips for cheaper rental car

The summer car rental frenzy is well underway and you want to make sure that you get the best car rental deal for you. So Kitty, your car rental guru is here to offer you the following advice.

1. Book Early and Book Cheap

Booking in advance is always a good idea because the demand in the popular destinations means that prices go up closer to the time and also the type of car you want may not be available. We always recommend booking your car hire and your flights early to get the best deals.

2. Length of your booking

Depending on the type of trip that you are going on, you may have a little flexibility, and often it can work out more cost effective to book your car for a full week. Sometimes there is very little price difference from a shorter booking and it means that you get to have more flexibility on your holiday and see all the sites at your own pace.

3. Car size or class

Often when booking, we always look to the smallest  car class for the cheapest price, however, here at Car Booker, we find that when you look at the next size up, you can sometimes get great value. For example, for an just a few euro more over a week long booking, you might be able to  upgrade to the next car class which will give you more space in your car!

4. Pick Up Location

There are two main points on  pick up location – the first is that airport car rental is very competitive as you have many suppliers vying for your custom, so it is often better value to have an airport pick up versus a city pick up.

The second point for pick up location also refers to airports, but it is more about whether your car is on site or offsite at the airport. Do you can your car close by or do you have to go by shuttle bus to pick up your car. If you are looking for speed and convenience, then always go with an ‘airport pick up’ rental company. If you are looking for value for money, then for the few minutes it will take in the shuttle bus, you can be guaranteed a much better price. On  Car Booker, you will be able to see clearly which type of pick up you are choosing before you make your booking.

5. Different drop off location

It can be very convenient to pick up a rental car in one location and drop it off in another, especially if you are touring around of flying in and out of different airports. Just remember that you will have to pay for this added convenience, prices are usually more expensive. So if you are looking for pure convenience, go for it! If you are trying to save on your rental car costs – then pick up and drop off in the same location is recommended.

Of course the biggest money saving tip we can give you is to check out Car Booker – The Rental Car Comparers and they will look at the whole car rental market for you and give you the best deals so you can pick what works best for you.

As with all our blog items here, we recommend that you look at the terms and conditions of your booking, and if you ever have questions or you are confused about something on your booking, then please message us at  [email protected] or leave us a comment here on the blog. We are happy to help.

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