Save Money when planning a Holiday

save money planing a holiday

When I am planning a holiday, I want it to feel like I am already there, I can imagine the heat and calm and the serenity… the reality is sometimes a little different because I am trying to get the best deal on my flights, accommodation, my hire car, the trips and excursions and make sure the weather will be perfect. So here are some key tips to save money when planning your holiday, so you can spend more on the fun stuff.

1. Save money – Avoid travelling at peak times

Booking at the big family holiday planning times is always more costly, so if you can, try to avoid mid-term breaks from school and the builders holidays in August. If you have a family and need to travel at these times, just try to book well in advance for better deals.

Also, travelling mid-week is usually less expensive, so if the day of travel doesn’t matter to you, check this out as a way of bringing down costs on flight and on accommodation.

2. Save money – Book early, book cheap

Last minute deals only work if you can go at the drop of a hat, you are not fussy about where you go and you don’t have much planning and packing. However, the reality for most of us is that this isn’t possible, so book early. What’s stopping you, make your plan and go for it.

Book early and book cheap – this applies for flights, accommodation and car hire. All of which give better deals when booked in advance. If you do want to wait, be prepared to be more flexible with dates and flight times.

Here at, there are always great deals for all locations, but we always advice our customers to book early, book cheap because there is greater value to be had by booking in advance.

3. Save money – Shop around for value

Whether you are a booking a package holiday, using travel comparison site or doing it directly yourself, do look around and understand your options before you book anything.

Remember, price is not the only consideration: how far away is the airport, what transport options are available, is my rental car all inclusive, does the hotel allow cancellations, is breakfast included etc? Look for the best value not the cheapest price.

At we compare all the car rental companies in your chosen location and we find you the best deal. All our prices are all inclusive and you will not have any extra charges for local airport taxes or credit card fees. Check out exactly what is  included in our rates.

4. Save money – fly into an alternate airport?

See what other airports are could be close by – this can be a great way of saving money. For example, I fly to northern Italy a bit, but will always check out all airports in the area, Verona, Venice and the 3 Milan airports, so I know I am getting the best price.

Also, at peak travel times, smaller airports see less traffic and it can mean less queues and delays which is also nice!

5. Save money – pack better!

Do you really need to check a bag? It can really start adding up on return journeys, not to mind any trip with connecting flights. We always recommend packing as light as possible, being smart with liquids or just buy it when you get there. See our full article on “ How to pack for a holiday?“.

Have a great holiday, from all the team here at Car Booker.

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