Car Rental Fine Print Video Guide

Car Rental Fine Print

How to beat the car rental fine print - our video of the week

Today we will take a quick look at how to beat the fine print on your rental car booking. Because I am always looking at quotes, bookings and booking vouchers, I know exactly what to keep an eye out for, but if you are new to car rental, it can seem confusing at first. Never fear, that´s why we are here!!

We have a very simple video which will explain things to you, but also for those of you reading this in your office or on a train, we have a quick list for you. There are the obvious things to keep an eye out for like;

  • Fuel Policy
  • Mileage Policy
  • Additional Driver

Popular Car Rental Fuel Policies:

  • Pick up full, return full
  • Pick up half full, return half full
  • Pick up full, return empty

My advise on the best policy, is where possible, go with the Pick up full, return full. It is the most straight forward and there is much less confusion. You and the car rental agency always know exactly where you stand. Avoid pick up full, return empty at all costs, this leaves you at the mercy of the car rental agency to decide the fuel price and you will have no choice but to pay it.

Popular Mileage Policies:

By far the most common mileage policy is “Unlimited Mileage”, however, this doesn’t mean that it is the only policy available, there can be daily restrictions on the policy for example 200kms per day, or booking restrictions, for example where you are only allowed to use 2,000 kms for the entire booking. These are more common in larger territory areas such as Canada, America and Australia, although they can also be on European policies.

Additional Drivers:

Some companies include additional drivers as standard, other make you pay a fee per booking. Depending on the company and the location this fee could be anything from €20 per booking to €70, so it is always good to know in advance and then you can make an informed decision.

We advise that everyone reads their terms and conditions prior to booking and if you are not sure of something, please contact us and we will explain it in plain English.

This is one of the many reasons that we recommend car rental comparison to our customers; by using Car Booker, you can see what the different suppliers are offering in each location. So not only do you get a great car rental price, but you can pick and choose the exact terms and conditions that are most suited to your needs.

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