Car Rental Travel Checklist Video Guide

Car Rental Travel Checklist

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Most important items to have with you when picking up your rental car in a city, at a resort or for your airport car rental:

  1. Car Rental Voucher 
  2. Valid Driving licence 
  3. Visa or Mastercard (credit card) in the name of the main driver
  4. Photo ID – passport or valid country/state ID

Remember also, if you have taken out excess insurance, you will also need to have proof of that.

Some points to note on driver`s licences;

  • Usually a full licence for a minimum of 2 years is required
  • Drivers licence must be in Roman alphabet, if you do not have a drivers licence in the Roman alphabet, please get an international drivers licence. This licence and your original licence must be presented at the pick up counter
  • UK drivers licence must present the photo and paper part of the licence
  • If you have endorsements on your licence, it is unlikely that you will be permitted to rent a car until 10 years after the endorsement (for major endorsements).  If you are not sure, it is always adviseable to check it  out before hand.

Stay tuned for next week´s video… what do when picking up your car.

Remember, we are here if you have any more questions,so please feel free to  contact us. 

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