5 Ideas for making travelling with kids fun

The best way to keeps kids happy in a car on a roadtrip

So you have picked up your  rental car and you are enroute to your destination, but how do you keep the kids entertained along the way?  We have asked our friends and customers to share ideas so we could up with a great list for you to help keep you and the kids smiling on your roadtrip. So before you even start the trip, there may be a little preparation involved, but it will be well worth it for happy roadtrippers. Try not to have the kids overtired starting out on the trip, plan rest breaks and get them into comfy clothes before you go.

1) Books and Reading

It is always a good idea to have some easy to read books for your kids in the car, and if your kids are too young to read on their own yet, then try some audio books and if you can get your hands on a Tag Reading System then that will make it all the more fun for the little ones.

2) Plenty Good Snacks

Food and snacking is always a great distraction when you are on the road. The biggest tips for in-car eating with kids is to choose things that are easy to pack and that are not filled with sugar. The last thing you want in a car is kids on a sugar rush. Good snacks are fruit, nuts, granola bars, cheese, pre-cut carrots or little cereal boxes that they can eat dry. If you have a few kids in the car, it might be an idea to have individual snack packs so there is no arguing over who owns what!

3) Music for Singing Along

Fun music is a great way to pass some time and have some fun in the car. It is not always easy to find music to suit everyone’s taste, but you can find something that will be fun to sing along to, sometimes oldies are better for this.

4) Colouring and Arty Stuff

The car may not be typically the easiest place for colouring and drawing, but you can make a game of it. Give the kids a Roadtrip present of a clipboard with some pages on it and some crayons and maybe even stickers. This will keep them entertained for a while; just remember getting out of the car that crayons may have fallen under seats or between cushions!

5) Get the Kids Involved

Kids love to feel they are involved in grown up things, so get them involved in the trip. Tell them where you are going and what towns or cities or landmarks you are going to pass. You can even make a mini map of the key places or highlights to keep them entertained and interested along the way. They can track their progress and feel involved in the trip.

For a really long trip that involves driving into the evening or night time, then get Glow Sticks for some serious car fun when it gets dark in the car. And as a backup; to be used in case of crying, tired and seriously bored children; bring a portable DVD player with you which can be turned on to save the day. Safe driving, stop often, drink plenty water and have fun.

Car Booker will help you with all your car rental needs, you can also check out our  video with the best tips for renting a car with Children on our website. This will give you handy tips on the easiest way to get the rental car once you arrive, what you need to do to organize baby seats and some more useful tips and hints.

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