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The latest car rental deals here Coronavirus COVID-19 Update coronavirus (COVID-19) information

Are you looking to hire a car from during the Coronavirus outbreak and have questions? We have the most up to date information here on how you book, or what you need to do when changing or cancelling your travel plans. I have already booked a rental car…

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Car Rental Fuel Policy

How to beat car rental fuel charges?

We all know that there are some great deals out there in car hire but how do we take full advantage of them? Unfortunately like everything else, it comes down to the fine print sometimes. Today we will take a look at fuel charges, because it seems to be a charge is causing some confusion for people. There are a number of different fuel policies on offer from the car rental companies….

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Car Rental Holiday

How to pack for a holiday

I learned the very hard way about how to pack! I went travelling for a few months and thought that what I needed was all I could fit into my bag within the allowable airline weight (35 kilos!). What I failed to consider was the fact that I actually had to carry all this stuff when I got there. BIG mistake!! So unless you are arriving and being whisked away into a resort with a strong bellboy….

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Car Rental Heathrow Airport

Airport of the week – Heathrow Airport

Did you know that over 130 million people go through the airports in London each year? Heathrow airport carries the most passengers and has the biggest number of international passengers of any airport in the world.

Saying that, is it not really surprising that the airport is so popular. It has five terminals which are well laid out, it is easy to get around the airport and….

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Car Rental Travel Checklist

Car Rental Travel Checklist Video Guide

Most important items to have with you when picking up your rental car in a city, at a resort or for your airport car rental:

– Car Rental Voucher
– Valid Driving licence
– Visa or Mastercard (credit card) in the name of the main driver….

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Car Rental Top 5

Top 5 European Road trips

I thought it would be fun to look into some exciting road trips around the world but one blog article just would not do.. there are so many cool road trips. I just wanted to jump into my rental car and get driving!!

So, what I have decided to do for this first article is to look at some cool road trips in Europe … I will give you my top 5 favourites.. and then you can see which one ….

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Dublin Airport Car Rental

Airport of the week – Dublin Airport

This year is the year of the Gathering in Ireland. Everyone is encouraged to invite friends and family from abroad home. You will see the beauty on offer in our wonderful emerald isle, especially this year when the sun has chosen to shine and put an even brighter smile on our faces. Places to see in Ireland, there are too many to name them all, so I will suggest….

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Barcelona Girona Airport Car Rental

Airport of the week – Barcelona Airport

Car Booker’s airport of the week this week is Barcelona-Girona airport. Often referred to as Costa Brava airport is located on the Costa Brava in the north east of Spain. This airport is a hub for many budget airlines such as Ryanair and usually offers great deals for people looking to explore the the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Catalonia or Barcelona….

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Atlanta International Airport Car Rental

Airport of the week – Atlanta Airport

This week´s airport of the week is on the busiest airports in the world, Atlanta airport. It is officially known as Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The airport handles more than quarter of a million passengers per day. Obviously with an airport that deals with this many people per day, it is a BIG airport!! There are two terminals; a domestic terminal….

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The best way to keeps kids happy in a car on a roadtrip

5 Ideas for making travelling with kids fun

So you have picked up your rental car and you are enroute to your destination, but how do you keep the kids entertained along the way? We have asked our friends and customers to share ideas so we could up with a great list for you to help keep you and the kids smiling on your roadtrip. So before you even start the trip, there may be a little preparation involved….

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Tips for taveling with children

Travelling with children

Getting a rental car when you are going on holidays with your kids is always appealing because you don’t have the hassle of public transport and as we all know, kids do not travel light! So avoid those stresses, plan your holiday at your family’s pace and get a rental car. But before you do, read here for some key pointers. Like anything else, if you are making a purchase it is always….

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